Writers Party is a place for people who have a knack in writing and love for words. This is an interactive site where people from different parts of the globe can communicate with equally passionate writers.

The site covers topics that aspiring writers would like to find out, how to start a writing career, tips and guides in writing and many others.

Why People Love Us

Web Design

The web design and layout easily captures the attention of web browsers. Every writer is a book lover and the Writers Party website clearly shows that it understands the heart and soul of its readers and visitors.

The website is able is able to capture the imagination of its readers by creating an illusion of paradise for writers. When people visit the site, the experience is similar to stepping into a collection of books.

Despite its outstanding design, the website is very easy to navigate that even first time users would not even sweat looking for the information they need. It is very user friendly and that makes it a great site to use.

The Articles

Apart from the superb web design and layout, the articles are well-written and very informative. This site makes it a good guide for people who are just about to start their writing adventure.

The articles can easily be found because they have been classified based on the topics they cover. We also have a search button which makes it even easier to find the information that our web visitors will be looking for.

We also categorize the articles based on the dates that they have been posted so that our readers will be able to find the posts that they might have missed on certain dates.

News and Updates

We understand that our readers and visitors have different needs and preferences and we therefore provide as much options as we can to be able to cater to everyone’s needs. There are different ways that we advise our readers about news and updates.

Whenever we have an update, we have a pop up alert that will show either at the top or at the bottom part of the page. The reader has an option to ignore it by clicking on the X or close button at the corner.

We also send newsletters to our readers. Web visitors have an option to subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletters.

All news and updates will also be listed in the news and community page of our website. We will also post the updates on our social networking accounts.

Fun Community

The website is interactive which means that our users are able to communicate with other people on the website. At the bottom part of every article, our registered users are able to leave comments or feedback regarding the topic.

The community page also allows the users to start a conversation, ask questions, respond to discussions and share articles on their personal social networking accounts.


We are also open to publish articles that our users are willing to share with the other website readers. However, contributions will be subject to review and will only be posted upon approval by our web admin.

Our web visitors can also directly communicate with our authors if they have any feedback, suggestions or comments. Our web authors are friendly and are more than willing to hear what you want to read about and what think about our articles.

Sample Testimonials

“I just recently resigned from my regular office job and I was looking forward to be a freelance writer but I don’t know where or how to start. Good thing that I found this site, I was able to find helpful tips and the people on this site are just very friendly and accommodating! So thank you for being so nice and friendly! I bet I’ll be hanging around here quite often.”

“This site is unbelievable! It’s like walking into a library. I had to do my school paper but I didn’t know how to start. Then my classmate shared a link on his Facebook account about this site and it has everything I need. I really appreciate the tips and guides on that they offer, very easy to follow.”

“It’s so refreshing to find a site where you can find people who are just passionate as I am with words. Such a brilliant site!”

“I’m not really a writer. I was just browsing mindlessly on my computer and then I bumped into this site. Didn’t really know what this site is about but I liked the design so I checked it out. Next thing I found is that I was browsing through the articles, then I was reading them! Crazy but the topics are great and I already told my mom I might just be writer. She laughed but who knows! Hah-aha!”

“I love the design!”

“The people in this page are smart and yet fun! Who ever said that smart is boring?!”