Rewards, perks, benefits; call them what you may but one thing is for sure: being a writer is very much fulfilling.

Writing means having to put down your thoughts, emotions and perceptions into perspectives of written language and style; it also gives that freedom to express one’s intellect without fear or apprehensions. After all, it is in this manner that one of the artistic means of expressing individuality necessitates.

Nevertheless, writing also entails some hard work, deadlines to meet and the dreaded “writer’s block”. Well, no one said that anything good in life is easy to get, much more something great; everything good is the product of dedication and hard work. The same goes for a good article; be it an essay, a discussion, some poetry or video presentation, it is always a product out of passion and intellectual intensity; there is the dedication to craft a piece from innate ability, secondary sources or factors that should support influence to the article and the intensity to convince, share the creative passion with others so as to build, rebuild, modify or improve ideas for intellectual discourse.

Aside from the reliable coffee ritual for some, writers sometimes travel and meet people. Even in solitude, we find that spark of inspiration, motivation, creative juices and the zest to write. We write to voice out any concerns over something that has to be changed or improved. We write to express gratitude and appreciation over certain issues that make a startling but welcome difference. We write to reflect, synthesize and create ideas that even if in a mere technical sense may not be or have originally been my own, do contribute in making such a bigger, better and brighter ideas that gets more improvement through the conscious efforts and constructive criticisms of our dear readers. We write simply because our hearts tell us to and being recognized even in the slightest manner by any organization or individual is something that we do not do on purpose; instead, we find it as a blessing for this site.

In that manner, it is safe to say that fruits of hard work and passionate intelligence pay off.

Here at, we manifest those ideals and as a plus, our avid readers feature us through their links on print or their social media.

Without a doubt, we have been blessed and continue to be (or just mere lucky, as some might insist) with even the little recognition this site gets when a particular website links any of the articles on theirs, or writers (budding or an expert in their craft) citing any of this blog post’s work as their reference. Anyhow, regardless of the articles being mentioned in a negative, positive or quizzical manner, we are flattered merely by the involvement we certainly take part in contributing to the cloud of thought and the creative thinking process of others. We feel that acknowledgement through the mere mention of or any of the articles from this website. Third party entities and individuals have featured some of our articles on their blogs—talk about free advertising! As we continue to bring about good articles and reading material for our readers, we also hope for the best to come with regard to future recognition.

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