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We encourage every visitor to read this section as it may be of help in going about this website. It would be a hassle to interact with the writers community, be inspired by some of our articles, only to be met with some restrictions. This Terms and Conditions of Use are applicable to this website, writers By means of utilizing this site our readers express their agreement to the terms of use; otherwise, please feel free to hit that “x” button on the upper leftmost portion of this page on your screen.

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Content and Site Usage:

We embody the idea of shared leadership and creativity but with due tolerance and leniency. The ideas and opinion expressed by our writers are not generally that of the blog which is prevalent in our adherence to the freedom of speech. We believe in the freedom of expression our writers and the administrator of this blog bear in mind the responsibilities of that liberty and exercise prudence on the rights as a writer. The open-mindedness initiatives we espouse are for the sake of art and writing and not to create a venue for explicit and improper actions. We do not and will not publish articles that may cause harm, bring about direct racial discrimination or violence among the community and its participants.

We value a friendly, peaceful and healthy exchange of clarifications, ideas, and commentary in this writing arena. The exchange of views as expressed in the comments section after every literary piece, opinion, essay or any media in this website is solely the responsibility of the participants directly involved in the exchange. The administrator, however, in the name of civility and propriety, when the situation calls for it, may delete such comment or exchange after appropriate warning to the concerned parties. These situations cover and not limited to:

  • Derogatory remarks – Can we all just be civil? This may be in the form of slander, insulting or belittling of one’s person.
  • Explicit language – Watch your mouth! This covers all the inappropriate language directed towards the members of the community or its participants. Of course, these “colorful” words are unnecessary and would only cause nothing but aggression.
  • Spam – This covers flooding the wall with the same messages over and over again. This also covers sales and marketing promotions that are definitely not a part of the article topic. It is really either frustrating or disappointing and distracts the readers and participants of wanting to make a sensible and intellectual discourse with others.
  • Indirect threat – Discussions go deep at some point through differences in opinions, beliefs and other points of view. While writers embraces diversity in ideas and self-expression, we also would want to remind everyone to respect each others opinion and refrain from shoving one’s belief or ideas forcibly through threat. This is a friendly, intellectual and artistic community so we oblige our readers and participants to behave and reciprocate just the same.
  • Off topic issues – Each discussion forum is directed towards one topic; yes, one topic and not another even if it exists in the website. So as to encourage healthy and engaging discussion, please refrain from talking about another topic which can be discussed on the particular forum if one would be kind enough to search for it using the search bar located on the upper leftmost part of the page.

In as much as we would love to share the brilliance of ideas and ingenuity of our writers to you, we also want to acknowledge each their efforts and contribution to make this site a success. We strongly frown on any form of stealing, taking credit for something or using a piece or portion of a literary work or media of this site that is claimed as someone else’s. It is in this regard that we claim all or any of the essay contributions, text content, dissertations, literary works and reflections owned by the site and its contributors. No separate entity or organization apart from the administrator and contributors of this blog is allowed to copy any or the entirety of an essay or literary piece without acknowledgement of the contributor and this site. No separate entity or organization is allowed as well to publish any form of media be it a photo, video or audio recording owned by this site without due acknowledgement. Offenders will be dealt with in full accordance to the law.