How To Become A Motivational Speaker?

If you love to talk and share ideas with other people, you can be a motivational speaker. But that is not all. You need to learn the craft by getting firsthand experience, as well as training and studying a lot.

Here are some important things you need to know if you want to become a motivational speaker:

  • You do not actually need to get a college degree in communication to become a speaker. But it really helps if you have it because you basically know how to communicate effectively. Your background can help you become more successful in the industry.


  • It is better if you attend training and seminars about public speaking to build your confidence. Attend forums or workshops to learn strategies and techniques to start your career as motivational speakers. Learn as much as you can and expose yourself to different learning experiences so you become familiar to various types of audiences which you will eventually encounter.


  • Motivational-SpeakerDevelop a style of your own. You must create your unique way to present your ideas. You can do it by attending creative trainings. Use what you learn and incorporate it to your own set of ideas on how you see yourself as a speaker. Having a distinct style will help you get attention and be different from other speakers. Know yourself and what you can do best.


  • Learn how to make a lengthy presentation engaging. You can do it by learning how to write speeches that can arouse deep emotions. Join classes and groups that offer creative writing skills. Write with passion, drawing ideas from your own experiences and incorporating them to the strategies that your client wants you to talk about. After writing your presentation, get familiar with it. Familiarity makes your delivery more convincing.


  • Learn to improve your personality. Be confident and use your physical presence to create an impression of authority. One of the most compelling things that audience needs to see from you is your healthy self-esteem. You have to sell yourself first to get clients and make your audience believe in your capacity to motivate them. Your physical appearance must be engaging and welcoming.


  • Use your life as concrete example of the topic you are discussing. Walk your talk. Use your life as a testimonial. Connect with your audience by using personal experiences. Let them see how you successfully managed to conquer your own defeats to have a better life.


  • Credibility is important. Get certifications if you want to establish a professional image. Be certified by National Speakers Association who evaluates speakers based on standards of experience, capacity to provide service to clients, and income. They can list you as a Certified Speaking Professional, helping you get more clients because it elevates you to expert status.


  • Build a strong reputation so you can ask higher fees for your speaking contracts. You can earn hundreds of thousands dollars for every presentation if you are considered an expert in your field. To reach that status, you need to work hard and smart.Most highly-paid speakers are celebrities, famous authors, politicians, sports personalities, and business executives. If you are not one of them, don’t lose hope. Many successful speakers are not like them either. But if you can write, you can enhance your image by starting your own blog site in the internet to capture the interest of people and yes, of potential clients too.


  • Join speakers’ bureau. Most companies and event organizers engage the services of these groups to provide them with a motivational speaker for their different activities. This is one way to have steady stream of income.