Content Writers do have a place on the Internet

Our age seems to produce prolific writers who write on any subject. Writing is no longer confined to professional writers, poets, and novelists. Anyone with a flair for writing can write and gets published. With online marketing increasing through the use of the internet, writing has become a critical tool for online promotion. We can combine our flair for writing and earn on the side by working with many online companies.

The internet is a perfect place for writers through which we could release our passion for writing. There are people out there, bloggers, companies with goods to promote and market, and other website owners, searching for writers who specialize in web content writing. The thought of becoming a content writer might seem easy and the tendency is to jump right in and write for web content. At this point, we need to pause and consider several facts.

Quality of content writing

There is, indeed, a growing demand for web content writers. A growing demand implies competitors who vie for a place to get published. The demand, however, is not just for any content writer but those who produce quality content that converts into revenues for online businesses. You can be on top of the game by coming up with quality web content.

content writing skills

There are plenty of websites with a specific target audience that requires different types and levels of content. Getting the top place for writers in demand among website owners is possible. What we have to do is to identify what website owners look for in content.

Most often, online businesses look for contents that can:

  • Promote their products or services
  • Generate traffic to their websites through the use of keywords for SEO purposes
  • Engage visitors and customers so they stay on the website and end with a purchase
  • Contents that are informative and relevant
  • Content that, while focused on SEO ranking, are unique, compelling, and useful for the readers.

The internet does provide a place for writers to pursue the passion for writing and the opportunity to share this to the online community. With the proliferation of online writers, however, the internet has also become a hubbub of competitors. The numbers could be growing, but you can still stand out among the many if you write articles with a different angle from the rest, informative, interesting, and valuable. When you produce quality web content, you succeed in getting online readers engaged and become a constant visitor. Your writing is a reflection of you regardless if you are writing for other bloggers or online companies. And, the online reader engagement is a source of pride for you

Writers’ place on the internet

Managing a website for the promotion and marketing of products or services take a lot of time and effort. The amount of work involved in keeping websites is the reason why website owners outsource content writing to content writing providers. Content writing providers, like,  are specialized agencies that combine a range of online writing services in message consulting, brand positioning, social media, SEO consulting, developmental and copy editing, affiliate marketing, and a host of other services. Content writing providers are also a good place for writers to get published and earn.

In deciding where to publish, we need to choose a content service provider with proven years of experience and good reviews in the area of content writing. We write to get published and to earn an income. Content writing providers help us find relevant blog sites, forums to discuss and share ideas, and article directories. Providers can give suggestions to increase our online visibility and get clients interested in our content.

Another way to choose a content writer provider is to review samples of works and check if Content Writersit meets our expectations. Samples could be generic and related to what we write. We could also check the content writer provider’s copyright policies to assure us that we do not encounter any copyright issues when published. Finding the right content writing provider can eliminate headaches on copyright issues and other content writing issues, a company you trust and delivers non comparable results to any other experience you may have had previously.

As content writers, we need to prove and show that what we write can convert into revenues for website owners. This we can do if take our writing to heart and give the guarantee that we can meet the requirements of the client. Meeting the requirements of the client or the content service provider mean contents that pass reviews and copy editing, grammatically correct and not plagiarized. The quality of content improves the client’s SEO ranking; and income for writers.

Writing could be natural to man, so is the sharing of what we create. The internet has made it easy for us to write about anything and share our creations with the global online community. We may think it is initially easy, but the competition presents a challenge for writers to stretch the skills and imagination and go above the average. If you face the challenge and try, success as a writer can become a reality.

In the corporate world, writing and speaking are two different types of communication that people use every day. In this article, we are going to discuss the differences of these two and the benefits (and the harmful effects) associated with them.

Writing and speaking are two-way communications. These two needs an input and output to complete the process. Moreover, these require two participants, a medium, and an outcome.

In the written form, it requires a writer and a reader (the two participants), a pen and paper (the medium). The medium could also be the hand to write and the eyes to read the output. On the other hand, spoken communication requires a speaker and a listener (the participants), and mouth to speak and ear to listen (the medium). The outcome depends on the purpose. It could be to inform, to warn or to dissuade.

Significance and Reliability

Speaking is innate to every person. We learn to speak our language, long before we learn to write. In fact, the spoken form is the “real” type of communication and writing is a mere representation. However, in the old times, written communication is the superior type.

This concept is similar in the corporate world. Employees and employers regard written memos as more reliable than those memos that are orally given. Why? Written communication is more “durable” than a spoken one. Durability refers to the quality of a language that can stand the test of time. In written form, we make and keep a copy. With quality paper, the written form can last forever.

Style and Structure

The written communication has to follow a grammar structure while the spoken language does not have to. Written is more formal as compared to a spoken communication. We use full sentences in writing a letter to make a point or be understood. Since spoken language is informal, we use word contractions or short sentences and still we understand each other without the need for further elaboration.

The outcome

In spoken communication, we receive immediate feedback from the person whom we are talking while we wait for a response if it is a written one. This benefit makes speaking a superior type when a company holds a meeting or brainstorming for its employees and top-level management. However, when company-wide changes are implemented, writing is the best form of communicating to the employees. Through writing, the implemented changes can be retrieved as a point of references when one or more of the employees divert from the purported outcome.

The role of technology

The technology creates significant changes on the way we communicate. The differences between spoken and written language have blurred. Nowadays, a recording of meetings can now be used as a supplemental reference on company laws. An employee may use a recorded video against a co-employee who maltreats a subordinate.

The birth of internet provided an avenue to people who want to reach the other side of the world without spending money on transportation costs. Companies can create a virtual world where they can hire people to work for them.

With the use of video conferencing, an international company branch communicates with the local branch and receives feedback immediately. Despite the advancement in technologies, the written communication still supplements spoken language and vice versa. One form can never replace the other form because these two co-exist.

These two communications influence each other. Before the technological advancement, all people can speak but a select few can write. Since written language can be recorded and became permanent, this has influenced how people speak right now. It is through written language that we bridge the differences between the two ways of communications

Spoken language also influences how we write. Let us take for example the word blog. It is through spoken language that this word is recorded as a newly discovered word in one of the most prestigious dictionaries. A lot of slang words are included in the English dictionary.

Speaking and writing is essential in communicating what we want others to hear from us. For people who have difficulty in spoken language, they use writing to communicate with others. The same goes with people who cannot communicate in written language.